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Reliable and expeditious solutions.

Executive Security Services

Our executive security services offer advanced protection anywhere in the world. Our decentralized framework means staff can be on-the-ground within hours.

Executive security services include, but are not limited to:

  • Domestic/international travel security
  • Event security
  • Commercial, residential, and estate security
  • Site survey, threat assessment, and risk management
  • Surveillance and counter-surveillance

Training Solutions

Our tailored and technical training solutions are instructed by renowned subject matter experts, who earned their experience both in the classroom and in an operational environment. Staff are unparalleled in their respective tradecraft and understand the necessity of tough, realistic training that transcends the traditional teacher/student relationship to ensure maximum knowledge transfer.

Secure Escort Logistics Services

Our secure courier service integrates traditional logistics with security, ensuring seamless transportation and protection. This gives us the unique capability to deliver virtually anything to any environment despite the complexities of getting there or the situation on the ground.

We have been entrusted with valuables such as jewelry, currency, and sensitive documents.

We do not toe the line regarding movement through unfavorable areas. Our staff are experienced at mitigating risks in order to achieve desired outcomes.

Crisis Management Services

Our rapid response staff can provide real-time, actionable intelligence from the ground in areas effected by natural disasters, civil unrest, and war. Subsequently, we can manage assets, secure resources, and maintain lines of communication in order to allow for the best course of action. Our knack for navigating ambiguous scenarios makes the scope of this service nearly unrestricted. Past work includes site survey and safeguarding of real estate during Hurricanes Irma and Maria in the Caribbean, to land management in Central America.

We also provide the option of short and longterm security to ensure real estate and assets are protected.

We do not toe the line regarding unfavorable areas. Our staff are experienced at mitigating risks in order to achieve desired outcomes and are ready and willing to assist.


Through partnership with other agencies, we are able to track digital footprints with an uncompromising attention to detail. This can include financial records, open-source intelligence, background investigations, and threat assessments. Our staff are also experts in cyber defense and can provide insight on how to best protect against unwanted digital intrusion.

Specialty Solutions

We were founded to provide innovative solutions to dynamic and ambiguous problems. This remains our staple.

Complex issues demand one-of-a-kind solutions. If you’re in need of tailored resolutions and immediate results, please contact us to see how we can help.

No project goes without detailed consideration and no request is too out-of-the-ordinary, we’ve heard it all.