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Global Security Solutions

RedCloud USA is an elite defense and private security firm providing global security solutions.

Who We Are

Our mission is to be anybody’s action arm.

We are a boutique security and intelligence firm with several decades of combined experience in force protection across the globe.

Our services involve armed/unarmed force and other practices, such as training, logistics support, and intelligence gathering.

We staff only the highest caliber professionals, comprised exclusively of combat, special operations forces, and intelligence community veterans.

We combine training in the severest schools, battlefield experience, military doctrine, intelligence tradecraft, and academia to provide a multidisciplinary approach to security needs.

Our acumen, professionalism, and capabilities are unmatched.

Sophisticated and discreet services performed by the most qualified professionals.

Our Strategy

We don’t utilize a one-size-fits-all methodology.

Our solutions are critically tailored to exceed requirements and expectations. Staff are assigned from an extremely diverse and selective database that consists of only the highest caliber professionals from institutions like the Marine Corps, Naval Special Warfare, et al. We further discriminate based on operational needs to create the most appropriate response.



The Red Cloud Legacy

Our name honors the modus operandi and legacy of Red Cloud, a renowned leader of the highly decentralized Oglala Lakota from 1868 to 1909. He operated as both warrior and diplomat, becoming de facto chief in times of need.