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Who We Are

We are a paramilitary organization founded to act as anybody’s action arm. Our system is a combination of doctrine from military, intelligence, and academic resources and an effects based methodology. Our service is to provide swift and asymmetric solutions to compel positive outcomes. 

Our willingness and capabilities provide truly unmatched solutions for our clients. Our expanded services include traditional personal security details, training solutions, and corporate philanthropy services. 

Our staff are assigned from a highly selective database and are critically tailored to meet client demands. We do not operate based on a one-size-fits-all methodology. 

We provide a bespoke experience of only the most qualified professionals.


Our name honors the modus operandi and legacy of Red Cloud, a renowned leader of the highly decentralized Oglala Lakota from 1868 to 1909. He operated as both warrior and diplomat, becoming de facto chief in times of need.